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Finally you have come to a merchant service provider who will show you all of the rates and fees associated with your account. Here at Best Rate Credit card Processing we would like educate you and gain your trust as your provider and resource.

EMV Chip Credit and Debit Cards Are Here. Is Your Business Ready?

Genius Payments Cayan

young business woman rate feesGet The Best Rate You Deserve
Backed By a $1,000 Guarantee
Partnered With Capital Bankcard!

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1% Rate Reduction Real Savings On Credit Card Sales:

  • $30,000 x 1% = $300 mo savings = $3,600 a year
  • $75,000 x 1% = $750 mo savings = $9,000 a year
  • $5,000 x 1% = $50 mo savings = $600 a year

We are partnered with the largest processing providers such as Capital Bankcard & Cayan to give your business the best rates, service and solutions you deserve! What is your total effective credit card processing rate? Take the fees you were charged, ex: $550 and divide them by your total credit card sales, $10,000 = your total effective rate, 5.5% (way too much). Most merchant service credit card processing companies do not want you to know this effective rate. We have a $1,000 guarantee and PROOF, that says that we can lower your total effective rate and save you money every month. A 1% rate reduction can go a long way in monthly savings!

Visual Cost Bar

Square - Credit & Debit Card @ 2.75%
Capital Bankcard - Credit Card @ 1.69%
Capital Bankcard - Debit Card @ .25%

Best Rates .25% or Less!

  • No Contracts!
  • FREE Chip Terminals
  • Next Day Finding – All Cards
  • 24/7/365 Award Winning Support

Possible Yearly Savings

Instock FREE EMV Terminals

Instock EMV CHIP Terminals

Never miss a sale with one of our No Contract EMV CHIP Credit Processing Terminals. You will NOT be at risk due to the liability shift that is now on business owners when an secure EMV Terminal. FREE PIN Pads as well for PIN based Debit Cards!

  • No Leasing
  • Free Terminals
  • IP & Dial-Up
  • Ship In 2 Days
Virtual Terminal

Portable Virtual Terminals

Now no matter where you are in the country you can process Credit and Debit Cards on your Laptop or Tablet. No need for a swiper you just simply log on with any internet connection. Make your sales and log on and view transactions and sales!

  • No Swiping Equipment Needed
  • No Recepts to Print
  • Email Recepts
  • View Your Transactions Dashboard
Mobile Credit Card Processing image

Mobile Credit Card Processing

As long as you can get reception with your Smart Phone you can processes credit cards. With just a swipe, you can make the sales on any Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet. Now you can take your Credit Processing anywhere!

  • Quickly Swipe all Cards
  • Smart Phone Compatible
  • Email Recepts
  • EZ Swiper

Payment Solutions & Best Rates For Any Business

Here at Best Rate Merchant Services, we have your
best interest in mind when it comes to your
merchant services needs. We want to eliminate
the hassles and make for a more enjoyable
experience so you can focus on your business.
We have an award winning staff that is ready to
answer all of your questions.From POS Systems,
EMV Terminals, Smart Phone Swipers, Virtual
Terminals and more, we have the equipment
and capabilities to handle of of your Merchant
Service Credit Card Processing needs.

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